Case Study - Expanding Into New Markets Across the Globe

Type of Client
A Medical Devices Company

Global, with worldwide territory representatives

Working with a long-term client EMW identified unique opportunities to expand the client’s sales in a geographic area that was previously neglected.  To achieve the expected results EMW took on the territory.  The territory had much potential but necessitated bridging cultural differences and a different business climate to be successful.  The client was well aware that US products are very well regarded in this part of the world, and thus the potential opportunities were that much more attractive to the client.

The client outsourced the development of the territory to EMW.  EMW restructured the distributor network by strengthen existing distributors, appointing new, better-qualified distributors and terminating poorly performing ones.  In addition, EMW set up direct distribution to major regional customers and arranged to exhibit at the major regional industry trade show.  

Due to EMW’s efforts to grow and expand market penetration, after four years the client had five times more business in this regional market than when the project kicked off, with strong distribution in all the major countries in the territory.

Follow-up Note
EMW serves as both North American representatives for foreign companies seeking to enter the North American market, and also develops new markets for US-based companies around the globe, such as the example with this client.