The EMW Team: Thoughts on once international travel resumes

Life and business continue on during our COVID period. And while our world is starting to open a bit more around us, we are still in a place where most domestic travel, and for us all international travel, is curtailed.

During the health crisis, EMW has continued to work with clients remotely around the globe, especially those in Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Middle East. Our focus has been on responding to client's immediate needs and opportunities. Video conferencing is certainly the best substitute for the time being, but our entire team is looking forward to when it is safe to again travel far and wide.

Our team recently shared the destinations, both for business and personal travel, that they miss most. This provides some good insight into who our team is, and where they look to travel once the opportunity arises.

Here are the words directly from our US-based team.

Ken Wasylik:
Before the COVID-19 crisis kicked in, my wife and I were to travel to Greece to tour the ruins, ancient history, enjoy the landscape of the islands and taste the Greek cuisine over red wine. That trip has now been postponed for one year.

I was to again visit our office in Chile, and continue to expand our South American business. As well, I look forward to dining on Chilean seafood, paired with Carménère wine.

I am hopeful that our trip to central Manitoba to fish for gamefish is still on for the end of June. Nothing beats a shore lunch of freshy caught Walleye on an open fire.   This trip is postponed until 2021.  

Mike Stone:
There are two places I greatly look forward to visiting again:

One is Dubai, UAE. My favorite aspect of developing business in Dubai is that it’s a cultural melting pot and global business hub with almost every nationality working together. I’m excited to resume my regular travel to Dubai, especially to witness Expo 2020 (now postponed to 2021) to see global nations display their culture and innovations. I particularly enjoy attending the Arab Health Show every year in January, helping clients develop international distribution networks.

I also am missing Lyon, France. In the spirit of trade shows, I’m hoping to be able to attend the biannual global pool/spa/wellness industry trade show, Piscine Global, which takes place in November 2020. The strategic location of the show makes for stimulating interactions with companies from around the world, especially from France and Spain, giving me a prime opportunity to utilize French and Spanish skills to develop new business relationships. Outside of the business aspect, I enjoy Lyon’s authentic feel and traditional Lyonnaise cuisine with its hearty, rustic dishes.

Elena Cueller:
Once travel is opened once again, I'm looking forward to both getting out of the U.S. as well as doing some travel within the country.  Within the United States, I hope to go out farther west and do some outdoor activities while the weather is still nice. 

Outside of the US, Mexico will probably be first on the list for international travel.  There will be some immediate opportunity for our clients in Mexico once we can safely travel again. This spring I was also hoping to visit Japan on a personal trip.  Unfortunately, that trip was not viable given the current situation but I'm looking forward to planning the trip during the next cherry blossom season - Spring of 2021. I have not been to Asia at all and I'm excited to experience the culture and learn more about the history there. 

David Urintsev:
I am very much looking forward to going back to Mexico, a place where he visited 6 times in 2019 for several different EMW clients. Yes, my fluency in Spanish is an advantage for me when I travel to the country! On my last trip I was in Mexico for distributor meetings and tradeshows in both the construction and foodservice industries. My favorite spots to visit? The Tacos Al Pastor always hit the spot in Mexico City! 

Additionally, I am looking forward to my first business trip to Eastern Europe & Russia – hopefully still on for this fall, where I will be able to utilize my native Russian skills. For fun, I hope to visit South Africa this year, a destination that's been on my bucket list for a long time! 

Daniel Clark:
I am looking forward to returning to Salvador, Brazil as soon as it is safe to travel again.

Brazil has always captured my imagination since I was a kid learning about the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest. This was the inception of my interest in the country and a motivator to study Portuguese in college.

My first trip to Brazil took me from Brazil's remarkable Foz de Iguaçu, through Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and eventually arriving at arguably the most important Luso-American cultural epicenter: Salvador, Brazil. Salvador encapsulates the spirit of Brazil in all its paradoxical contrasts and reflects its complicated history through its rich artistic influence on Latin America. There I spent two weeks working in hospitality, meeting and conversing with Brazilians eager to share their connection with Salvador.

The stories from my visit and the friendships I made during my time there remain with me today, and I look forward to revisiting this extraordinary city again soon.

Shane Rieder
I am excited to use my skills in the Spanish language to develop business relationships in South America and learn more about the unique cultures of different countries and regions while doing so. 

I’ve done research for various countries throughout Central and South America and I am looking forward to taking the next step to travel to these countries. Additionally, it would be great if I am able to have the opportunity to visit some friends from Nicaragua that I met during my time studying in Madrid!