Global Research

When it comes to exploring global expansion opportunities, companies need solid data and information to make informed business decisions. It comes down to three critical questions that enable a company to accurately determine its place within the international market:

  1. Is there a market for my product or service?
  2. How big is this potential market for my product or service?
  3. Will my company be successful in the international marketplace?

This trio of questions is the basis for EMW’s unique market research strategy. Our hands-on approach to research enables us to uncover the very specific and targeted information our clients need. 

While the EMW team does all the heavy-lifting, clients are an integral part of the process.  EMW incorporates the input of clients to ensure our market intelligence – meaning the information we gather – has a clear role in driving the business’ decision making. If there is not clear purpose for gathering certain information, we won’t go to the time and expense to do so.

Yet the EMW team will dive in and obtain the information and data that is needed to develop actionable sales and marketing plans, including a market entry or expansion strategy. Our team has diverse language capabilities, and understands the cultural nuances and sensitivities that must be taken into consideration when making business decisions.

Another benefit of working with EMW: our team is fully prepared at the end of each research project to further develop and execute plans as required. This makes for a seamless transition as the research findings then become implementable tactics and strategy.

The EMW team has extensive experience and know-how across a wide variety of research areas. In most cases our clients need a combination of different types of research to take answers to critical questions and then make the most informed business decisions.

The following list includes key examples of the types of research we do:

Market Entry Study – Determine countries and applications where there is the greatest opportunity for clients; understanding all potential barriers of entry.

Market Size Study – Understand the potential size of the target market; analyze the key opportunities in a particular city, region, country or continent.

Market Feasibility Study – Assess how successful our clients can be in meeting their business goals and objectives within a target market.

Competitive Analysis – Evaluate and analyze competitors’ strengths and weaknesses including: their position in the target market, their branding, messaging and marketing and their pricing and sales strategies.

Trade Show Insight – Participate in trade shows to scout opportunities for prospective exhibitors; obtain competitive information and gather end-user feedback.