Trade Show Management

EMW participates in many trade shows, expos, and conventions each year on behalf of client. The range of industries is huge, and includes Hotel Design, Pool & Spa, Waterpark, Cosmetics, Wine & Spirits, Industrial Equipment and Medical, among others.

Some of the larger shows EMW and its clients have been a part of include:  
-AHR Expo (Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration); HVAC Equipment (Chicago)
-Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (Mississauga, Canada)
-Arab Health Show - Healthcare Technology & Supplies (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
-IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show) - Industrial Equipment (Chicago)
-Piscine Global - Swimming Pool Equipment (Lyon, France)
-FIBO Global Fitness Expo - Fitness Equipment (Cologne, Germany)

Many companies in the US go to major trade shows in their industry.  These are excellent opportunities for companies to start showing products to international visitors, meeting with potential customers and distributors, and acquiring valuable rudimentary market information.  However, most US companies often don’t know how to effectively do that, and end up spending $15,000-20,000 to sit at an empty booth.

For years, EMW has been helping clients develop and execute the optimal trade show approach.  EMW typically works with clients to evaluate their objectives, build a plan for the trade show, and work the client’s booth internally to help receive all international visitors.  EMW has helped clients with trade shows in industries such as include sports, industrial equipment, agriculture, and medical devices.

Trade shows often have an international visitors lounge, tent, or booth to provide Internet, coffee, and language assistance to foreign visitors.  EMW’s approach involves capitalizing on this opportunity by speaking with foreign visitors in their native languages.  We find that this is a great way to increase a foreign visitor’s comfort level, and direct them to our clients’ booth.

Trade show visitors are usually end users, distributors, or retailers.  Given that distributors are always looking for new lines and retailers are looking for new innovative products, EMW knows that with a proactive approach, clients can always attract a wide variety interested visitors.  Attracting potential customers is a great first step, however it is crucial to implement a set of criteria with which to vet potential distributors and customers, which is also one of EMW’s core competencies.  The next step is follow up, which is overlooked.  EMW helps clients to prioritize and approach their stack of business cards instead of waiting for customers to contact them.

EMW has found that there are many companies that wish to export, but have never exhibited at a trade show outside of the US.  For example, a client in the pool equipment industry is working with EMW to develop and implement a proactive approach at a major industry trade show in Germany.  EMW applied for the show, negotiated with organizers for the optimal booth placement and a better price, found construction companies to design and build the booth, secured government export promotion grant money and built a multi-platform marketing campaign to attract European companies to the client’s booth.

EMW’s approach involves maximizing the client’s time at the show by pre-scheduling meetings with potential customers and distributors before and after the show.

Trade show organizers in EU will charge 19-20% value added tax.  As a non-resident in Europe, non-European companies are able to apply for a refund from tax authorities.  EMW has facilitated VAT reclaim for several clients.