We’ve worked with a wide range of companies across a broad geographic reach, and guided the expansion of companies through a wide range of industries as they aim to reach their goals.

We understand inside and out the intricacies of international business, and help our clients reach the pinnacle of success. Here are some of their stories – click on each one for more details.

EMW Company Update Sep 2022

It is the best time for foreign exporters to enter or expand in the US market! The rapid realignment of the USD to the Euro has resulted in the US dollar currently being equal in value. Exchange rate fluctuations create clear winners and losers. Although the…


Group of European Organizations Receive In-Depth Market Research and Training on How to Enter US Railroad Industry

Type of Client Cluster of European Organizations in Railroad Industry Geography US, Europe Challenge Seven European Clusters of railroad organizations throughout the continent requested a market study on the railway industry in 3 different countries: the United States, Canada, and Norway. EMW leveraged our relationships with…


Navigating Canadian Tax Laws and Policies

Type of Client Designer and Supplier of Turnkey Retail Interiors Geography US and Canada Challenge Based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA this client provides turnkey store displays, fixtures and solutions to high-end luxury retailers.  In most cases, the design and build out of the interior of the client's retail store…


Wine Producer Enters New Markets

Type of Client Food and Beverage Industry Geography Europe and US/North America Challenge A European wine producer needed to expand the distribution and sales of its products globally. One of their key initiatives was to expand their brands to the US market beyond initial entry on…


Insightful Research Leads to Market Expansion

Type of Client Educational Supply Company Geography US, Europe, Asia Challenge A company that sells supplies to educational institutions looked to expand its international penetration beyond its base penetration of the US and select European countries.  After a previously unsuccessful engagement with a different consulting firm to…