Talking Trade

The Talking Trade Podcast is put on by WisBusiness and co-hosted by Sandi Siegel, President of M.E. Dey & Co. and Ken Wasylik, Managing Director of E.M. Wasylik Associates. Talking Trade covers topics across a variety of business disciplines, featuring a new guest each episode to share their expertise. 

Talking Trade with E.M. Wasylik Associates Managing Director Ken Wasylik

In this episode of Talking Trade, Ken Wasylik discusses his approach for reaching new international markets. Listen in to learn Ken’s first steps to international development, positive takeaways from the pandemic, supply chain issues, and inflation. 

Talking Trade with Mark Rhoda-Reis of DATCP

In this episode of Talking Trade, Sandi Siegel and Ken Wasylik speak with guest Mark Rhoda-Reis from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection. Mark shares the latest figures on Wisconsin agricultural exports in what may be a record-setting year. 

Talking Trade with Bruce Glaub, Trade Acceptance Group

In this episode of Talking Trade, Sandi Siegel and Ken Wasylik speak with Bruce Glaub, Principal of Trade Acceptance Group, outlines the benefits of export credit insurance. Listen in to learn how important it is to have export credit insurance when selling and shipping goods internationally. 

Talking Trade with Mike Dankler, Principal of Michael Best Strategies

In this episode of Talking Trade, Sandi Siegel and Ken Wasylik speak with Mike Dankler, Principal of Michael Best Strategies. Mike covers the Section 301 tariffs on China and why he believes there may be “some tariff-liftings to come”, as well as other governmental topics relating to international trade.

It Appears We Are Late To the Market - The Global Marketing Show

The Global Marketing Show hosted by Wendy Pease, President of Rapport International, discusses new trending international business topics in every episode. Check out Ken’s appearance on the podcast, discussing his approach on how early-stage exporters should decide which international markets to enter. 


Market Research - A Key Element of a Successful Market Launch

In this webinar hosted by Global Chamber, Ken Wasylik highlights the importance of market research as an initial step to export development. Listen in to hear Ken’s thoughts on why research is an essential initiative to global expansion, as well as the three key questions to ask when deciding which markets to enter.