About E.M. Wasylik Associates

Each client is unique and requires distinct solutions to achieve their global expansion goals. Our recommendations stem from years of in country experience and knowledge to succeed in a wide range of industries. The EMW team leverages this experience to apply savvy tactics that meet the client’s objectives.

Global Business Expansion Tailored For Your Organization

EMW Global LLC (EMW) was founded in 1998 by Ed Wasylik and Ken Wasylik, both CPAs with decades of experience and track records for assisting businesses to grow in revenue and profitability. Our goal is to guide companies successfully as they navigate Business Across BordersTM.

EMW becomes an integral component of a client’s team for the long haul while heeding to the following principles and philosophies:

Every client is unique

EMW recognizes that each client has vastly different needs, opportunities and challenges. We offer custom solutions to each client and take a wide lens approach to evaluate all aspects of a client’s vision. There is no “one-size fits all” approach when it comes to international business. 

EMW Adjusts to work with you

We do everything necessary to become an expert in your industry and understand your business as well as you do. E.M. Wasylik Associates work very closely with the internal staff of our clients to be efficient and effective by integrating with the client’s culture.

Flexibility is key

EMW’s tactics are adjustable to accommodate the ever-changing landscape of international business. As clients become more involved internationally, goals and strategies evolve.  Our team ensures we have the flexibility to continuously adapt, learn and grow.

EMW is Different

We don’t work on one project and call it a day. We continuously collaborate with our clients to identify the next opportunity or solve the upcoming challenge and pride ourselves in our close relationships with each client. The wheel chart below illustrates our approach providing continuous streams of value as we navigate the complexities of international business. 

Identify Opportunity

EMW works with clients to identify opportunities, asking the question - what are you not doing that you could be doing?

Set Goals & Strategy

Through the lens of the opportunity, EMW identifies desired results and formulate paths to reach these results.

Ask the Right Questions

EMW identifies information gaps to formulate the right questions for the right people to get the right answers.

Get the Answers

Research, gather relevant information and consult the right experts so we can proceed with confidence, knowing that the opportunity is fully understood from all angles.

Create a Plan

EMW combines goals, strategy, research and leverages years of international business experience to create a custom plan for a successful path forward.


Collaborating with the client we put the plan in motion, by executing and monitoring the results, while moving to the next opportunity or challenge.

Read Some of Our Success Stories

Sports Manufacturer Analyzes Opportunities for Market Expansion
Sports Manufacturer Analyzes
Opportunities for Market Expansion

A sporting goods equipment manufacturer expanded market penetration from the U.S. into Canada with the help of the EMW market research team...

Swimming Industry Manufacturer Grows Global Sales
Swimming Industry Manufacturer
Grows Global Sales

A US-based manufacturing company looked to augment and organize its international business efforts, and to grow its global sales...

Healthcare Products Manufacturer Expands Global Reach
Healthcare Products Manufacturer
Expands Global Reach

A U.S. manufacturer of healthcare products was looking to expand into new global markets with an eye on expanding its business in the Middle East...

Building Materials Supplier
Success in Complex
Canadian Market

EMW supported a clients Canadian expansion to successfully supply building equipment to Target Canada stores...

Wine Producer Enters New Market
Wine Producer
Enters New Market

A European wine producer needed to expand the distribution and sales of its products globally. The EMW team expanded their brand to the US market...

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