Manufacturer in Construction Industry Undergoes Digital Transformation

Type of Client

Manufacturer in Construction Industry 


US, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Middle East


The client had a dated, inflexible website that was very expensive to maintain each month. Making changes to the website was a tedious task that required support from a third party marketing agency. Because of this, the client had limited control over the website and every modification came at a great cost. As the E.M. Wasylik Associates team became more involved with international business development, it became clear the website was not meeting the needs of the client. The inflexible structure made it difficult to develop key digital assets including a distributor portal, resources library, FAQ section, and bi-lingual content.



E.M. Wasylik Associates stepped up and built a new website on a tight budget to better fit the client’s needs. The new website supports multilingual web pages, full translation capabilities, easily editable product pages, and a resources section for distributors in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Additionally, the new website has allowed for the client to expand their digital marketing strategy beyond a basic website. This manufacturer now leverages Search Engine Optimization (SEO), mobile responsive content, and a live chat feature to develop both US and international business. This digital transformation turned the client’s website into a valuable sales tool that generates leads, brings in quotes, and boosts sales. 



The new website built by EMW decreased website associated costs by 95% for the client. Not only was the website more budget-friendly but it allowed for increased collaboration between the sales and marketing teams and quick development of digital content that supports ongoing sales efforts. 

The new website has brought in thousands of new organic users, resulting in a 740% increase in organic website visitors within the first year of it being brought online. Many of these new visitors used the chat feature, submitted inquiries, or requested a quote. These new visitors account for a 200% increase in website leads.  

Any website that goes untouched is a missed opportunity to connect with customers, generate leads, and grow sales. Digital marketing is quickly becoming the most powerful sales tool. Manufacturers everywhere can modernize their marketing practices and realize the same benefits seen with this E.M. Wasylik Associates client.