Wine Producer Enters New Markets

Type of Client

Food and Beverage Industry


Europe and US/North America


A European wine producer needed to expand the distribution and sales of its products globally. One of their key initiatives was to expand their brands to the US market beyond initial entry on the east coast, and then continue to grow global sales. The producer needed to determine how to best enter new US regional markets, and as part of this effort find the right importers, distributors and retailers.


E.M. Wasylik Associates (EMW) first performed a US market analysis with the client and honed in on the Midwest region as the initial suitable expansion market in North America. EMW then dove deeper into beverage distributor data, and (1) identified two dozen importers and distributors in the defined geography, (2) conducted in-depth reviews of these companies, and (3) contacted the most promising ones – based on pre-determined select criteria – that aligned with what the wine-producing client needs.
EMW contacted each of the target importer distributers and set up meetings to include both the client and EMW, both in the Midwest and at a major industry trade show in Las Vegas. This enabled the client to tap into the most efficient way to conduct multiple productive meetings, without the time and expense of extensive travel.
EMW developed needed presentations and meeting materials, attended all meetings with and fully represented the client during the process of finding the ideal importer/distributor partner, and ensured conversations and negotiations moved in the needed direction over a period of six months. 
Of note: prior to engaging with EMW, the client had been working with another firm, and had not achieved the desired success with its sales growth.


Through the facilitation and relationship building work of EMW, the European wine producer developed relationships with a pair of North American beverage distributors that matched the criteria established by EMW for the client. As well, the producer altered its relationship with the original importer to facilitate the supply of wines to other regional markets. This EMW client continues to promote their brands within North America, which are now sold in 11 states in the US. Revenues are now increasing rapidly and the client is expanding to other US regions.

EMW continues to establish distributor networks for the client, and then transfers the completed structure to the client as per the client’s larger strategy.