Building Materials Supplier Enters Complex Canadian Market

Type of Client

Supplier of Building Materials


Canada & USA


EMW’s client, a US-based company that supplied interior industrial building equipment to Target stores in the US, was asked to supply similar equipment to the renovating Target Canada stores after Target acquired the Zellers discount chain. The client was to deliver and install the equipment to Target locations throughout Canada. It is important to note that US companies must comply with (1) Canadian customs regulations, and (2) Canadian Revenue Agency taxes. The client needed assistance in these areas to ensure it would be able to meet the needs of an important client. 


In conjunction with the client’s freight forwarded, EMW directed the client to the Canada Non Resident Importer Program, a program advantageous to non-Canadian companies, as it allows non-Canadian companies to act and deliver goods and services as if it were a local Canadian vendor.  EMW guided the client to register with the Canadian Revenue Agency and to collect, report and remit the necessary GST/HST taxes.


The client successfully registered for the Canada Non Resident Importer Program, applied for a business number, filed the GST/HST and corporate income taxes, and successfully executed the Target build out in Canada.

Follow-Up Note

While EMW helps many clients with big-picture business strategy, this case study is an example of how the EMW assists clients with the finer details and tactical executions of a larger strategy.