E.M. Wasylik Expands Partnership Into All Asia Markets

Madison, WI – September 2, 2021 – E.M. Wasylik Associates (EMW), established in 1998, has expanded its reach by announcing the collaborative partnership with Asian Insiders, an organization of experienced business professionals located throughout Asia. 

“EMW is pleased to join forces with Asian Insiders to offer Asian companies a direct link to the North and South American markets and vice versa.  Working closely with Asian Insiders we can offer detailed insights into key Asian and North American markets for our emerging clients,” stated Managing Director, Ken Wasylik.

Asian Insiders is a network of professionals with well-established local networks in Asia. They are a group of experienced business development consultants who are based in the local markets around Asia. Asian Insiders has completed 1,000+ projects for companies ranging from start-ups to global conglomerates from all over the world. Their principal services include Market Evaluation, Business Development and Operational services.  Their network currently covers China, India, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.           

“Asian Insiders feels excited about the partnership with EMW. We share the same philosophy in client work always aiming at delivering high quality services with genuine positive impact to our clients’ business. Asia offers the fastest growing markets of the world and untapped business opportunities for North & South American companies. Together with EMW we can connect our clients to these opportunities more successfully and efficiently through our partnership being both close to our clients and their potential customer base in all main markets of Asia” stated director of Asian Insiders, Jari Hietala.

EMW is excited to welcome Asian Insiders in their aligned interest to help businesses as they expand internationally and explore new markets.