Group of European Organizations Receive In-Depth Market Research and Training on How to Enter US Railroad Industry

Type of Client

Cluster of European Organizations in Railroad Industry


US, Europe


Seven European Clusters of railroad organizations throughout the continent requested a market study on the railway industry in 3 different countries: the United States, Canada, and Norway. EMW leveraged our relationships with international colloquiums and teamed up with two strategically located consulting groups to provide the studies for all 3 countries. EMW was tasked with covering the United States section of the report.



EMW performed in-depth market research into the rail industry in the United States. The research consisted of investigations into the various sectors and subsectors of the rail industry, contacting key industry groups, industry authorities and government entities to generate a comprehensive 360° view of the United States rail market. EMW leveraged our organizational memberships to connect to key industry experts that provided us with details and resources to investigate further.



EMW created a 220-page market report on the US rail market covering macroeconomic indicators, technical standards in the industry, intellectual property information, legal and financial aspects and US culture and business practices. EMW also produced a 20-page document to accompany the main report which condensed the material into smaller, more digestible sections. In addition to the written materials, EMW provided 6 hours of technical training on the materials to the European Cluster members through an online videoconference. Of particular interest to the European rail cluster members was a customer list of over 600 rail operators. 

The materials are being dispersed to almost 1,000 SMEs spanning 7 European countries, providing them with valuable insight on how to enter the complex US market.