E.M. Wasylik Associates Adds Additional Talent to Team

Madison, WI – June 13, 2023 – E.M. Wasylik Associates (EMW) has expanded its team with the addition of Larissa Stenglein, International Business Development Associate.

Stenglein most recently was based on the west coast and worked for the German American Chamber of Commerce as a Representative of German Business, where she fostered transatlantic business partnerships and economic opportunities between American and German stakeholders. In addition to being a fluent German speaker, she has a working knowledge of Arabic.

Ken Wasylik, Managing Director of EMW, shared, “Our newest, multi-lingual associate and in-house German expert, Larissa Stenglein, brings to EMW valuable experience with trade commissions and an understanding of how to pull the different players together for an international business transaction.  Her tenacity shines through her work—whether through her thorough market research reports, organization of valuable business-to-business meetings to advance economic opportunities, or her attitude towards expanding the horizon of her skills.”

Stenglein received dual degrees from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Economics and International Studies, while pursuing coursework in Arabic and Spanish. While living in Austria, she studied at the Vienna School of Business and Economics and immersed herself in the culture of the region and traveled extensively.

Stenglein will work closely with Wasylik, and will also augment EMW’s research capabilities.

About E.M. Wasylik Associates

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