Foodservice Packaging Manufacturing Company Explores US Market Entry

Type of Client

 Foodservice Packaging Manufacturing Company


US and Europe


An eastern-European manufacturer of sustainable packaging looked to determine the feasibility of market entrance into the United States after some export experience in nearby and culturally-similar, European markets.


EMW conducted a detailed market analysis of the fresh produce packaging market in the United States based upon the criteria set by the client. The research was very targeted to the niche market that this client serves within the grocery packaging market. To provide a more comprehensive look at the target market, EMW included more information than in the original scope due to the discovered importance and pertinence to the project. 


EMW delivered a comprehensive market report on the targeted market in the United States and an action plan for the business development phase which the client has since contracted EMW to perform. EMW will begin contact with the list of target distributors and delve further into the retail pricing strategy of the product.

More results to come…