EMW Global LLC (EMW) offers a full-range of tactical to strategic international business and financial services....and truly focuses on Business Across BordersTM.

International Business Growth & Development

  • International business strategy/model formation
  • Top level global opportunity survey and analysis
  • Country market entry and development strategy
  • Distributor network and strategic alliance development
  • Direct sales assistance
  • Liaison with in-country market specialists
  • Business advisory to senior management and board of directors
  • Legal, accounting and regulatory expertise

Learn about how EMW has assisted companies with international business growth and development.

International Project Management

  • Business plan formation
  • Business structure and evaluation
  • Overseas operations tactical and strategic management
  • Efficient organizational integration and solution design
  • Ongoing metrics and results monitoring
  • Trade show management

Learn about how EMW has helped international companies with all aspects of project management.

Financial & Investment Advisory Services

  • Chief financial officer services to companies with international operations/offices
  • Canadian GST/HST Reporting
  • VAT reclaim
  • Currency strategy and hedging
  • U.S. representation for non-U.S. shareholders
  • Debt and equity sourcing

Learn about how EMW has helped international companies with financial and investment advisory services.