E.M. Wasylik Associates employs a unique philosophy to help clients achieve their goals.  Our ideas about navigating international business stem from years of experience.  The EMW team leverages this experience to apply savvy tactics that increase the international sales of our clients.


Every client is unique and has vastly different needs, opportunities and challenges. We offer custom solutions to each client and take a wide lens approach to evaluate all aspects of a project. There is no “one-size fits all” approach when it comes to international business. 



The EMW team immerses itself to become part of the client's culture. We do everything necessary to become an expert in your industry and understand your business as well as you do. EMW Associates work very closely with the internal staff of our clients to be efficient and effective.



Flexibility is key when it comes to international business. EMW’s tactics are adjustable to accommodate the ever-changing international landscape. As clients become more involved internationally, goals and strategies evolve.  Our team ensures we have the flexibility to continuously adapt, learn and grow.